Thursday, April 16, 2015

Q and A

As a follow up to yesterday's activity, today we took the raw material of those questions and answers and shaped it into more composed drafts of call and response poems. Students had seven minutes to write 14 lines, and they came up with some pretty cool stuff.

Here's mine, crafted from a few of the many questions and answers I heard:

Why does fire burn, Granny?
Because the stars are bright, Child.
Why are fish so slippery?
Because the world is round.
Why do rabbits run, then?
Because the owl hoots, Child.
Why is the earth so strong, Granny?
Because children can't fly.
Why is the ocean salty, Granny?
Because we all cry, Child.
Why does the sky change colors?
Because hearts break, Child.
Why are days so long?
They aren't, Child.

Like I told my students... it's not bad for seven minutes of writing!

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