Monday, March 9, 2015


"Can we write a song to go along with our quiz?" a student asked me this morning.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion. Was this some kind of DST hallucination?

"You know, like a jingle," he explained.

The class was working on activity where they have a set of question starters organized in Bloom's taxonomy, from lower to higher order thinking skill. Their task is to compose a five question quiz based on the memoir we are reading. Each question must be from a different category and they also have to provide an answer key. Then they give the quiz to another student (and take one that someone else has composed), grade the quiz that they created using the key, and have a conference with the other student about the results. 

It's a waaaay better assessment than most any I might create, mostly because they are very engaged in the activity, which brings us back to the student this morning.

"Sure," I told him, and when he handed his draft in for me to check, this was scrawled across the top of the page:

Yeah, yeah, take the quiz baby, yeah!


  1. Whatever it takes right? Kids can a connect a song to about anything - even test questions.

  2. Haha! First - I love the assessment, pushing the kids to think of the higher level questions - love that you are helping them understand questions for years to come. Second - I love that this student knew that you'd be accepting of his asking the question - and I'm sure he knew that you'd say yes! Awesome!

  3. I had to think a bit about what DST stands for. But of course, I should have understood the reference right away.

  4. ...that I would have known instantly had I been keeping up like the rest of you. Oh well, minor detail.