Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trouble-shooting Trouble

"I had the science fair last period," a student told me glumly at lunch yesterday. She was among a few kids either dropping off or packing up their books before heading down to the cafeteria.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"Only two judges came to me," she complained. "We were supposed to have three."

Before I could sympathize, another student who had been listening to our conversation spoke. "Maybe it was because your board wasn't as attractive as it could be," he said.

There was an audible gasp, and I'm sure my jaw dropped.

"That was really rude," one of the guys said to his buddy.

"What?" the other kid said.

"You just told her that her science fair project was ugly," another student said.

"I've never even seen her project," the student said, "I was just trying to figure out why the judges didn't come over!"

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