Saturday, November 24, 2012


Earlier this year when we went down to Atlanta, I got a little app for my iPad so that my nephew and niece could write and illustrate their own stories. We had a good time creating tales that starred their new kitten.

It was a hit this weekend, too. The only glitch was that as they took turns using the iPad (they are really good sharers, those two) Annabelle accidentally created several pages in Richard's book. Today was the day when we were writing the text, so rather than delete the extra pages forever, the kids worked together to write one story-- the sequel to the kitten's first adventures.

There were some surprising transitions (Page 7: The kitten is using a really strong gun to blow up a robot. Page 8: The kitten is resting in a beautiful flower garden at night.), and a little disagreement-- one wanted to write a story for boys, the other, for girls, but in the end, the story came together nicely as a tale for people of any age.


  1. Reminds me of this story that made the rounds of the Internet a while back. But I'm sure your niece and nephew's story turned out much better (and without the swearing).

  2. Hilarious-- thanks for the reference, Mike. I completely agree with the teacher's grade!

  3. "I completely agree with the teacher's grade!" LOL.