Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stepping Out

We're going to a wedding this evening. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm much more of a dress down than a dress up girl. Even so, I needed something appropriate to wear, so reluctantly I've spent some time over the last few weekends shopping.

At first it was discouraging-- nothing fit right, nothing looked right, and soon I began to dread the event at all. Luckily, a little online browsing yielded a promising result, and so tape measure in hand, I ordered a dress from Nordstrom.

When it arrived, I didn't even want to open it, but of course eventually I did, and I was verrrrry pleasantly surprised to find it a perfect fit, both for me and the occasion, even though it isn't anything like my usual style. In fact, this morning, Heidi was facetiming with her mom, and turned the camera to show her my dress. "Wow!" she said. "Did Tracey know it had all those sequins when she ordered it?"

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