Monday, October 8, 2012

Playing With My Food

Last night I made a roasted vegetable pot pie with a chick pea flour pancake on top, and today I shot a hundred almonds out of their skins and then pulverized them in some coconut milk. Once strained, they were amazingly milk-like, almost a dead ringer, really. Later I added some dates and cocoa powder and pureed them all up some more. With the addition of chia seeds? It was a surprisingly delicious pudding.

I've got veggies fermenting on the counter, vegan yogurt culture on order, and in a few minutes I'll be broiling braised white beans and chik'n marinated in olive oil and smoked paprika and sauced with tomatoes, peppers, and olives.

When I mention to people that Heidi is vegan, they almost always give me a sympathetic look and ask what I cook. It's natural to consider the limitations, but what about the opportunities?

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