Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's a truism to say that these days it's not enough to work hard, everyone has to play hard, too, especially when on vacation. Rain on the first day of your long-planned trip might be viewed as terrible luck, then. No hiking, no biking, no kayaking, it's even too soggy for shopping the charming streets of that nearby town.

What to do? Today I opt for a rocking chair on the sheltered back porch of our clapboard cape, looking out over Eastern Bay. Someone thoughtfully placed a foot rail about 18 inches above the wide planks of the floor, and the soft, steady rain has chased the mosquitoes away. The mist over the water keeps shifting-- now I see the cove across the way, now not. When visible, the landscape on the other side is all shrouded gray and jagged pine. A loon traces the shore line, diving and surfacing, and a few other birds brave the wet weather, chirping loudly as they dash from the shelter of one tree to the next, and behind it all the sound of falling rain.

The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow, but today is fine, too.

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