Thursday, July 22, 2010

Generation Gap

I have a mobile phone, and I don't hesitate to use it, but I'm still one of those people who my friends and family are never sure they can reach that way. Texting is better than voice, but sometimes I don't have service, or it's on vibe, or I don't hear the ring-- you know how it can be. My phone is definitely not a life line to me; the rollover minutes on our family plan are always in the triple digits, and I never come close to the 200 text messages I pay for, either.

This summer, as an early 15th birthday gift, we added Josh to our plan and got him a phone. We agreed to pay the basic monthly charge and for 200 text messages, so he chose a phone, and we had it shipped to him. It arrived today, and this evening we received our first text from him... im kinda worried that i might go over the 200 text limit already

What?! In a few hours?! Of course I've heard all the news reports about teens and texting, but I never would have predicted such a thing with a kid I know so well. So yep, despite spending most of my working days with adolescents, this middle school teacher was blind-sided. Sigh.

I have to give Josh credit, though. By telling us right away, I was able to switch him to an unlimited plan before the messages even posted to our account. It turned out to be a true act of 21st century responsibility. He's still going to have to come up with the extra 15 bucks a month, though.

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