Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Do You Say to That?

My niece is a couple months shy of two-and-a-half, and she is working hard on those social skills. Today we were out in the front yard playing a silly game. Pretending to be squirrels, we were busy digging little holes when she interrupted our industry. "Look," she pointed, "a dog!"

"This dog's bigger than you are!" the owner told her, and it was true. Her eyes widened a bit, and she stood silently, clearly at a loss for what to say.

He was halfway down the block when it came to her. "We have acorns!" she called waving a fistful of nuts at his back.

Yes we did.


  1. I hope you guys are having fun! Love that stage.

  2. That was, of course, the perfect response! What an adorable slice.