Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Walk in the Rain

Rather than allow the soggy weather to keep us prisoners, we decided to embrace the dampness and take the dog for a walk on the river. When we arrived at the park, it was closed due to flooding, and so we headed upstream to the falls-- with the river so high, we were guaranteed some dramatic scenery. To our disappointment, the national park was also closed because of dangerous water levels.

There was one more place to walk on the way home, and we pulled into the parking lot looking apprehensively around for any Trail Closed signs, but the coast was clear. The air was damp, but there was not a drop of rain as we followed the run toward the small falls at its confluence with the river. There was plenty of mud, but we were prepared for that, and the stream was swollen but not impassable, even in the two places where you have to hop across on round pavers set as stepping stones.

The trail we took led us down to the river and then back up to the ridge and through the woods. No one else was around this late in the wet afternoon, but it was that time of day when animals actively prepare for the night, and the forest was full of bright blue flashes in the gloom. We must have seen twenty bluebirds or more darting from branch to branch, high to low, and then back to the bare canopy so far above our heads, leaving that proverbial happiness behind.


  1. We took that kind of walk today, too. The dog was ecstatic. I thought of your blog..."Walking the Dog." Great name...