Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Night Special

My last cooking job was in the flight kitchen of United Airlines at Dulles Airport. That dates me a bit, because this was back in the day when not only did they actually serve food on planes, but the airlines prepared it themselves.

Twenty years ago, our crew was a very international bunch. In addition to the German chef and his three sous chefs (German, French, and Chinese-American), the lead cook was Thai, his second was Korean, there was an Iraqi, a Jamaican, an Austrian, a Frenchman, a Filipino, two Indonesians (one Balinese and the other Javanese), a guy from El Salvador, and me. I was lucky that the guys took me under their wings, and they taught me to cook not only the dishes on the airline menu, but some of their own recipes as well. Jimmy told me his method for making green Thai curry, start by frying the curry paste until the dog sneezes, and Roger showed me how to cook sauerkraut Alsatian-style, which I am making tonight. The trick is to rinse the sauerkraut well before braising it with onions, garlic, bacon, thyme, juniper berries, white wine, and chicken stock.

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