Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Is America, Dinosaurs

My four-year-old nephew loves The Land Before Time series of movies, and in general my sister supports his fondness for them (he owns several of them on DVD), but the dino-speak drives her crazy. For example, to dinosaurs, the moon is the night circle and snow is frozen sky water (never mind the sky puffies, pointy seeds, and sinking sands). Why can't talking dinosaurs speak regular English?

Think of the harm on impressionable children... for a while, my nephew referred to volcanoes as "smoking mountains"and earthquakes as "earth shakes." But maybe they're trying to translate real dinosaur mouth talk into something we can understand-- in that case, I guess it's just the price we have to pay for extreme prehistoric realism.


  1. "Tree Stars"

    The onriginal four were the greatest, but then they started to go downhill, in my opinion.

  2. I like the white ground sparkles!
    They are all pretty much the same, except the musical numbers have gotten more annoying!

  3. Well, I mean, the plots have gotten a bit lamer, and there haven't been as many cool meat eater scenes in the later ones.

    Aww man, Remember when they were being chased by those two T-Rexes along the river of lava?

    But seriously, the Great Valley is supposed to keep them safe from predators and have water and all, but it's in the middle of nowhere (The mysterious beyond) and predators come in all the time! And at one point all teh water froze up...