Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's Talk about the Weather

Each day my alarm wakes me to public radio (is anyone surprised?), and this morning, when still half asleep, I heard that 12 inches of snow or more was a good possibility this weekend. My eyes popped open wide, and there was definitely no more snoozing. A foot of snow around here usually means multiple days off from school. Sure, we have our false alarms, but this storm sounded pretty big even at its weakest, and I knew it was supposed to be cold next week-- so no premature melting.

I completely tuned out the latest on the senate health care drama as I brainstormed contingencies: I have the computer lab on Monday, the sixth grade ice skating trip on Tuesday, and class-meetings on Wednesday, and then it is winter break. How best to prepare for the likely disruption? I hit the ground running when I got to school: consulting, revising, and reserving, and at the end of the day, I felt ready for whatever might happen.

I love my job. Really. But the siren call of stolen days spent romping through a winter wonderland and relaxing by the fire is irresistible. Add that to the time of year, and I'll tell you what-- the first flakes have only started to fall, but ready or not, I have no plans to return to school until 2010.


  1. Will this be YET another bet I lose to you? I'll take the loss.

  2. Our wager is strictly for bragging rights, but I bet Jeremy five bucks. We'll see...