Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Day nine and feeling fine:

...Dana turned to Hannah. “Are you going to dinner now?”

“Yeah,” Hannah answered. “I want to wait for my brother, though”

“Can I eat with you guys?” Dana asked. “I, personally, do not want to eat with my brother, but I’m sure yours is nice enough...”

* * * * *

...You have to, like, really survive, all by yourself overnight in the woods," explained Rhett.

"Whaaat?" said Hannah. "How about the buddy rule?"

"Well, okay, you're not all alone, but it's only kids, no counselors," Rhett answered."First they train us, then they take us out and leave us for one whole night. It... is... AWESOME!"

"Scary awesome," his brother added, "but still awesome."

Greg, Dana, and Hannah exchanged alarmed looks. This was not what they had in mind.

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