Monday, September 21, 2009


We've been in school two weeks tomorrow, and my students haven't had a chance to write anything "good"... yet. My friend who was in the Writing Project Summer Institute posted on her fb status that she has written with her students every day! Ya. And then a bunch of her SI friends commented back that they had, too. ARGHHH. This year has been super-frustrating in that, for numerous reasons, I have spent the last couple of weeks on procedure instead of substance. Oh, I know the argument: my students and I will be grateful later when we are totally immersed in a fully-functional, well-organized and totally authentic writing workshop. Mm hmm. As I looked around the room today, I could sense a definite, is-this-all-there-is? vibe, even though they were very busy with their second Writers Read assignment.

Bottom line? These kids need to get to writing, and so do I.

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